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Find sustainable and ethical food at local eateries.

No matter where you find yourself hungry, NoshPlanet is your app for finding much better places to eat.
With food and places trusted by Rainforest Alliance, Seafood Watch, Green Seal, Fair Trade USA and Food Alliance, NoshPlanet is the only app with truly independent credentials for sustainable eateries everywhere.

For your phone, for free!

The NoshPlanet app is available for FREE in the iTunes App store, HERE: ▶
Simply install the app, and you're ready to find the best NoshSpots in town.
With the app on your iPhone, you can do all this!
Find the best eateries in town - over 1000 listed so far in close to one hundred cities.
Check out your favorite eateries' sustainability credentials
Suggest another sustainable restaurant, cafe, bar or food truck you'd like to see join the 1000+ eateries already listed on the NoshPlanet app.
Report a problem with a sustainability claim or give big love to eateries doing the right thing.
Check back soon - we're updating the app with more great features!

If you eat sustainable food,
you're a Nosher!


2. Find a trusted local

3. Eat like the world depends on it!

4. Check in for points & deals*

5. Vote for a food project close to you (or to your heart!)*

6. Redeem or donate to a community fod project*

7. Review the eatery to help keep standards high


Great food, healthy planet,
strong community
- repeat tomorrow!

*Coming soon!


NoshPlanet is powered by people who really know their stuff.

Our Trust Partners are behind some of the most helpful and world-changing sustainable food initiatives out there. You probably know them already through their work helping food workers get fairer wages, guarding our oceans' fish stocks and precious rainforests, or helping businesses shrink their energy use. They are some of our biggest heroes and we are incredibly thankful to have them helping us. (I mean, how many people get to work with their heroes every day? )
Here they are:
Please visit our Trust Partners, follow their tweets, like their pages, pin their boards and generally support them where you can.
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Every one of the 1000+ eateries listed on the NoshPlanet app meets the food or operations criteria of at least one of these trusted experts, so you know the food they serve has been independently assessed against sustainability or ethical production standards, or that the eatery is a top green performer in their operations. When you're finding great eateries on the NoshPlanet app, say a big thank you to our Trust Partners - they give us all the power to make a difference.

We also recognise USDA Organic certification and many of our listed eateries sell certified organic food. The USDA is not associated with NoshPlanet in any way - we just think organic food rocks!
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NoshSpots go the extra mile for their community, so your food doesn't have to.

People prefer to eat at places that they know are doing the right thing by farmers, communities and the planet.
In the USA, that's around 24 million people who say they'd prefer to eat local, sustainable, ethically produced food. Of course, they have to find it first. That's where NoshPlanet helps. The NoshPlanet app lists over 1000 of these eateries, but if you know of another, or if you own or manage one but we haven't found out about you yet, you could be eligible for free listing on the NoshPlanet app.
Please let us know! ▶

NoshSpots are the community standouts in sustainable eating.
To help genuinely commited eateries stand out even more, we're in the process of creating a special category for those that are slightly more equal than others. These will be our NoshSpots, and they're places where Noshers can do more than just eat with confidence. Besides standing out visually on the app, NoshSpots are places where Noshers will check-in, earn points, share photos and vote for (and support) community food projects - all from their phone. Interested? Contact us ▶ to learn more.

Already listed? Ask us ▶ for your FREE NoshPlanet window decal. It's like a magnet for any customer with NoshPlanet on their phone. Highly visible but with a small footprint, it shows the world that your eatery is part of the solution.
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The NoshPlanet story - sit back and enjoy!

We've put together a fun little video that explains what NoshPlanet is all about. Please share it around!